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Features of South Card Magnetic Wireless Charging Treasury

South Card Magnetic Wireless Charging Treasure: NANKA Magnetic Wireless Charging POW3 is cost -effective. It uses a coil wireless charging panel and can also be charged with a mobile phone case. 20,000 mAh large capacity, supports 15W wireless+wired 22.5W dual fast charging mode output, can charge 3 mobile phones at the same time.

If "magnetic, practical, beautiful, and high performance" is why users choose South Card Magnetic Wireless Charging Treasures, then strict military -grade standard production systems are the guarantee of high quality. NANK Magnetic Fireless Charging Treasure is an excellent product line in the magnetic attractive wireless charging treasure market, regardless of its magnetic attraction of charging performance configuration, appearance design and texture. The back of the fuselage is also hidden and designed 45 observation bracket functions!

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