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Amazon's TOP10 open earphones


Open earphones, as one of the most popular wireless earphones recently, have the advantages that traditional wireless earphones do not have,like stronger environmental perception&more comfortable wearing experience &higher stability, etc., which is the type of explosive earphones that major manufacturers are successively launching related products.

As a well-known overseas e-commerce sales platform, Amazon's global characteristics can be as the overall trend of global markets to a certain extent. Today we would like to talk about the top 10 open earphones in Amazon's headphone sales list, aiming to help you understand the global market dynamics of open earphones, as well as the consumption habits and preferences of consumers in the global market.

As of June 8, 2023, there are 10 Top sales of earphones in Amazon's open earphones category. There are 9 brands in the list, which are Shokz, Soundcore, CXK, OUFUNI, Oladance, PSIER, ASIIL OVI, MOING,YouthWhisper, among which Shokz products are the most listed, with two products on the list. In terms of wearing, open earphones are basically ear-hanging wearing mode; While the products on the list are waterproof, they basically do not support active noise reduction; The average battery life of an open headset with a charging bay is 12 hours, and the average battery life of an open headset without a charging bay is 12 hours. In terms of price, the highest is 261.67 US dollars, and the lowest is 19.99 US dollars The most expensive product on the list is Oladance OLA02, priced at $261.67, and this product is also the only two open headphones that support ENC environment noise reduction among the ten products on the list. It can be seen that open earphones generally do not have environmental noise reduction function, if equipped with ENC environment noise reduction, Then the price is bound to be higher than ordinary open earphones.

YouthWhisper Lite was the lowest rated product in the list witha score of 3.8, the only product on the list that didn't score more than 4points. YouthWhisper Lite's bad reviews mostly focus on poor sound quality, poor battery life, poor call quality, and almost impossible to hear music in public scenes, which is also a common problem of most open headphones that focus on cost performance. How to find the perfect balance between cost performance and product experience? Is something open headphone brands need to think about carefully.

Among the 10 products on the list, three products have more than 5,000 interactions, of which the top two interactions are Shokz Products,OpenRun, 14,829 interactions; OpenRun Pro, 9778 interactions. Among them, OpenRun Pro is the top-selling product. It can be seen that Shokz's open earphone products are quite popular overseas, with higher sales, scores and sound volume among open earphones, and they are the open earphone products favored by users.

In addition to the three earphones that cost more than $100, the remaining seven earphones are mostly priced under $56, with the cheapest being the CXK AS21 at $27.99. At the same time, among the 7 headphones, three earphones are in the top five sales, it can be seen that the user's demand for cost-effective open earphones is still relatively large, and this price is also the most concentrated price of the brand, each brand has the corresponding cost-effective products, trying to improve the purchase intention of users through cost-effective.

Among the top 10 products of Amazon open earphones sales, Shokzhas become the best performing product, with excellent comprehensiveperformance in terms of interaction volume, rating and sales, and is also the only brand with two products on the list. The second good performance is the sound width, the brand's Soundcore Sport X10 also got the second sales, the fifth score and interaction volume.

Only three earphones on the list are priced atmore than $100, and the rest of the open earphones are priced below $60. It showed that the open earphones’ market now mainly focused on the middle and low-end market, and the products have the characteristics of high cost performance. Users also pay more for open earphones with high prices. The high-end market was almost won by Shokz, , which has the first sales, fifth results.

The Amazon open earphone sales list reflects that users prefer cost-effective products when buying open headphones, while different brands are fighting in the low-end market, trying to get a share of the low-end market, it should be that the low-end market is the most competitive market. The high-end market of foreign open earphones is almost occupied by Shokz, and several high-end open earphones launched have been welcomed by the market and users.


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