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Bisi magnetine wireless charger

How to choose a magnetic wireless charger suitable for iPhone 12

Since the iPhone 12 launches the Apple Magsafe magnetic wireless charger, the price of magnets has risen sharply. Behind the prosperity of the market is the recognition of consumers' design.

What is the advantage of magnetic wireless charger?

The following is some magnetic wireless chargers designed, cost-effective, can be used when purchasing magnetic wireless chargers.

Xi Magnomelliard wireless charger: This multi-magnetically suction wireless charger is designed to be inseparable cables, and the outer casing is sandblasted to show a strong matte texture, not only touching comfort, but also smoothing. In terms of thickness, it is substantially equal to the thickness of the two thinnesses that are superimposed together, so it is called "slim" and is not too much. Therefore, if it connects to the back of the iPhone 12 Pro Max with a thin design, it will not make the original thin body worse.

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