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HUAWEI Sound Joy is likely to be officially unveiled in late December


HUAWEI Sound Joy, a smart speaker sold overseas, has passed the 3C certification in China and is likely to be officially unveiled at HUAWEI's new product launch event in late December.

HUAWEI Sound Joy smart speaker is also built with Devare. It features a Devialet 2-frequency speaker system and Devialet SAM® technology. It supports Bluetooth 5.2, stereo Sound, one-button transmission, dust and water resistance IP67, and 26h battery life.

HUAWEI Sound Joy has a cylindrical design and comes in obsidian black and spruce green. The body is wrapped in woven mesh, and the bottom is designed with hollow structure, which improves the safety of use near the pool and on the beach, and supports IP67 waterproof, which can provide strong protection when falling into the pool on rainy days.

In terms of acoustic configuration, HUAWEI Sound Joy is equipped with four units, including a 20W full-frequency speaker, a 10W tweeter, and symmetric passive radiators at both ends of the fuselage. Equipped with a 79 dBA @2m Devialet 2 crossover speaker system and Devialet SAM® technology for adjusting signal and acoustic output pressure.

HUAWEI Sound Joy smart speakers can be connected to mobile phones, tablets, and laptops in pop-up mode. Support one-button transmission function, mobile phone touch the speaker music seamless switch; Support stereo sound, by shaking the speaker can automatically match, to achieve a more immersive audio experience; It has a wealth of control buttons, one-click voice assistant activation, and control via the watch.

HUAWEI Sound Joy supports Bluetooth 5.2, providing higher Sound quality, lower latency, and lower power consumption. The speaker has a built-in 8800mAh battery, supporting 26 hours of lasting battery life; Also supports 40W super fast charging, charging 10 minutes can play an hour.

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