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Apple'S iPhone detects hearing


With the rapid increase in the use of earphones in daily life, hearing health has become a topic of high attention in the past two years. "What causes hearing loss?" "Can hearing loss be restored?" "Hearing test normal value" "Hearing loss how to do?" such kinds of questions become hot.

The changing needs of users are also driving the growth of the market, and there are already many manufacturers launching hearing AIDS/assistive features, apps and products. Apple has also set up a special "hearing" in the "Health" APP of iOS system, which has functions such as headphone notification, noise notification, ambient volume level, audiogram, etc., to help users learn multiple sound data when using headphone.

Audiogram is one of the functions used to Test our Hearing impairment. Two testing software compatible with Apple system are recommended internally. Streaks requires payment, and Mini Hearing Test can be used for free.

Mini Hearing Test software includes pure tone threshold Test and masking threshold Test. The former tests the minimum sound that can be heard through "beep, beep, beep" sounds of different frequencies and loudness. The latter also played noisy ambient sounds to test the minimum sound that could be heard in that environment.

The test requires wearing headphones, which are calibrated to be more accurate, and currently supports EaePods, AirPods, AirPods Pro, and Sennheiser headphones. The small edition uses the AirPods Pro test.

The test requires entering age information, setting the volume to 50%, turning on the do not disturb mode to avoid notification sound interference, and turning off audio effects such as noise reduction/transparency. Then in a very quiet environment, the ear monitors the sound of the environment in real time, and automatically suspends the test when the sound is too large. The most accurate test results have been achieved.

The accuracy of the "Mini Hearing Test" APP in Apple iOS Hearing cannot be known, and due to the influence of environmental sound, personal status during the Test, concentration and other factors, the Test results of the small edition are slightly different from each other.

Therefore, the test results can be used as a reference rather than as a true hearing state. If there are significant changes in the continuous testing at different time periods, equipment problems can also reflect the hearing loss to a certain extent, and it is necessary to go to the hospital for an accurate examination.

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