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SONY launched the SA-SW5/3 wireless subwoofer and SA-RS3S surround speakers


In December 2021, SONY will launch SA-SW5/3 wireless subwoofer and SA-RS3S surround speaker to complement HT-A9/HT-A7000 to bring better listening experience. HT-A9 /HT-A7000 speaker is a speaker product released by SONY in October 2021 equipped with 360 space sound mapping technology. 360 Space sound mapping technology is the latest surround sound technology developed by SONY, which can create 7.1.4 surround sound effect of 12 speakers through 4 speakers. It aims to provide users with a better home theater experience and enhance the sense of immersion in watching movies.

SONY's latest surround sound technology enables the 360 space sound field mapping technology to create the effect of 12 speakers with only 4 speakers. Realizing this kind of effect needs to measure the distance of each loudspeaker and ceiling and the level position of each loudspeaker through the two microphones built into each loudspeaker above all so that users can carry out the individalization of each box according to the demand, without strictly observing the acoustics put.

Even if the four speakers are placed at different heights or in different positions, the 360 space sound field mapping technology can carry out extremely convenient sound field optimization, thus creating a wide surround sound, which can better meet the use of non-professional speakers.For bass depth and power, SONY offers the SA-SW5 or SA-SW3, a physical wireless bass speaker, as an alternative to the HT-A9 or HT-A7000.

The SA-SW5 wireless subwoofer is equipped with a 180mm speaker unit with a power of 180W. The unit magnets in the speaker have been redesigned to enhance bass and reduce distortion. The edge of the diaphragm has a special pattern groove to make the sound clearer. Sa-sw5 uses passive diaphragm to transmit bass, and the depth of bass will be deeper, so users can feel deeper bass effect, as if the shocking sound effects come from around them when watching movies.

The SA-SW3 wireless subwoofer is equipped with a 160mm speaker unit with 150W power. The unit magnets have been redesigned to enhance bass and reduce distortion. Special pattern grooves have been used at the edges of the diaphragm to make the sound clearer. The SA-SW3 uses a bass guide tube design to make the bass feel more present. For connectivity, both bass speakers automatically connect to the supported echo wall/home theater system when powered on.

The SA-RS3S surround speaker delivers 100W of power, and the tweeter and bass unit drive simultaneously while working, enhancing the surround sound experience. Enhance your home theater experience with an optional wireless rear speaker for the HT-A7000 bar speaker. Take film, performance, sports and music to a new level by adding a cinematic surround sound atmosphere. Out of the box, these rear speakers automatically connect to your HT-A7000 bar speakers to make the home theater sound experience even more immersive.

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