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The classification of the TWS wireless earphone

Mono channel TWS bluetooth earphone
Most of the single ear Bluetooth headsets are wireless and compact, and can be worn directly on the ear. The main function is to answer and hang up calls, and can control the volume adjustment. Some models of single ear Bluetooth headsets also have technologies such as dual standby, dual microphone, Liyin (also known as noise reduction, which can realize a better call environment).

Stereo TWS bluetooth earphone
The stereo Bluetooth headset is based on the A2DP Bluetooth stereo protocol supported by the mobile phone. Only when the mobile phone supports the A2DP Bluetooth stereo protocol can you connect the stereo Bluetooth headset to enjoy the music of the Bluetooth headset. Stereo Bluetooth headsets have neck hook, headset, clip, glasses and other styles, of which neck hook and clip are wired Bluetooth headsets. Their main functions are not only to answer and hang up calls, but also to directly enjoy music. At the same time, some stereo Bluetooth headsets also have liquid crystal display, which can not only easily see the incoming call number, but also display the song title and lyrics.

True wireless TWS bluetooth earphone
The biggest difference between true wireless Bluetooth headset and traditional Bluetooth headset is that it adopts multiplexlink multipoint wireless interconnection technology. As a new concept of wireless Bluetooth headset, it realizes the wireless connection between left and right ears. This kind of earphone completely abandons the way of wire connection, and the left and right earplugs can work independently, so the hands-free call can be mastered. When you need to turn into a dual channel stereo, turn on another earplug, and you can automatically form a dual channel stereo mode when you are close. When sharing music, you won't be hampered by wires, and it's more convenient to use.
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