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The OnePlus Buds Z2 Wireless Bluetooth Earphone is released


On September13,OnePlus launched its new OnePlus product conference officially.In addition to OnePlus 9RT smartphone,OnePlus Budz Z2 wireless bluetooth headphone was also released.In the appearance of the continuation of the previous generation of the design,the function of active noise reduction,3 microphone call noise reduction,support dolby panoramic sound,with 38 hours of super long overall battery life.


OnePlus buds Z2 wireless bluetooth earphone has a build-in 11 mm moving coil unit to provide comfortable and listening audio effect.Suooprt for Dolby panoramaic sound,paired with dolbys OnePlus phone,delivers an immersive wireless audio experience.


The biggest upgrade of OnePlus buds Z2 wireless bluetooth earphone is the newly added active active noise reductin function,supporting three modes of strong moise reduction,weak noise reduction and transparent,with the maximum noise reduction depth up to 40dB,The ear pressure was optimized to reduce the tightness when wearing.


OnePlus buds Z2 wireless bluetooth headphone also greatly improves its battery life,with a single battery life of 7 hours and an overall battery life,It also supports quick charging,which can provide 5 hours of playback after 10 minutes of charging.

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