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AirPods 3 is coming


Apple has announced that it will hold a special online event at 1 AM Beijing time on October 19 to launch new products including AirPods 3 and MacBook Pro.

The most anticipated of these is AirPods 3,it has been two years since Apples last Airpods pro,and we are all looking forward to seeing new features and scenarios unlocked for the next generation of AirPods.


Apple started offering active noise reduction with AirPods Pro,and it became one of the most frequently used features by consumers and one of the AirPods pros biggest selling points/


Apples Active noise cancelling feature it designed to continumously adjust to the geometry of the users ear and the fitness of the earbuds to reduce ambinent noise and allow the user to fully engage with music,video and phone calls.


Apples AirPods earphones seamlessly switch audio between the users iPhone,Apple Watch,Ipad and Mac,as long as the users AirPods are paired with those devices.Just SayHey Siriand Siri will come out,and controls music and calls,adjusts colume,gets route information,and does everything without lifting a finger.

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