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The potential growth for TWS earphone


Apple launched its fall event with the new iPhone13 smartphones, iPad , Apple Watch and Apple TV set-top box. The new Airpods have once again failed to make their official debut, but they won't keep us waiting for a long time.

Apple officially dropped the standard wired headphones from the 2020 iPhone 12 series, and over the course of a year, many other phone brands have done the same, and users are starting to get used to it. It became a matter of course that the release of iPhone13 no longer came with standard headphones. The whole conference did not mention anything, but each product was still given a certain amount of time to introduce the use of environmentally friendly materials.

The launch of Apple's new iPhone has brought a lot of attention to the consumer market of technology and electronics, and it will also drive a wave of consumers to replace their phones. Therefore, other brand manufacturers will also launch corresponding latest products during this period to attract consumer groups and promote product sales.

TWS earphone is the fastest growing product in the current electronic consumer market and one of the main partners of smart phones. The arrival of the replacement wave will promote the rapid growth of TWS earphone sales during this period, and also drive the sales growth of relevant industry chain. Bluetooth audio master chip is one of the most important configurations in TWS headset. The performance of the chip directly affects the actual user experience.

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