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Nokia E3101 True Wireless earphone


With the addition of active noise reduction function, most of the high-end products in the TWS market adopt in-ear design, which can provide users with the best noise reduction service. The semi-in-ear headphones are also favored by many users because of their lightweight body and comfortable wearing experience. At present, many brands are also doing this market, launched corresponding products.

Nokia E3101 true wireless earphone is one of such products, the whole device's weight is less than 40G, which is very small and portable. The headset adopts a semi-in-ear design with a handle shape. The weight of the headset is only 3.4g according to the official datas. With ergonomic in-ear curve and Angle, it provides a light and comfortable wearing experience.

In terms of configuration, Nokia E3101 uses 13mm large moving coil unit&bluetooth 5.1 chip, and supports ENC call noise reduction, Such a lightweight fuselage with a single battery life of 6.5h and the overall battery life can be 29 hours.

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