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Apple space audio technology will lead the trend of a new generation of technology


In September 2020, Apple updated the "Spatial audio" feature in its AirPods product line;

In June 2021, Apple announced that "Space Audio" and lossless audio, which support Dolby Panoramic Sound, were officially available to Apple Music for free to all subscribers.

On September 21, 2021, Apple officially released iOS 15, which introduces dynamic head-tracking technology to take the spatial audio experience to the next level.

Apple has never disappointed in technological innovation, and for more than a year now, one technology has made a splash: "Spatial audio."

Apple has also made a lot of moves to promote "spatial audio", including shooting promotional videos and releasing official website news to introduce spatial audio. In order to make more users accept this revolutionary technology, Apple Music is open to all subscribers for free.

The popularity of spatial audio pushes audio technology to a new level, opens up a new world for music creators, and at the same time, for listeners, there will be a new audio experience. There is no doubt that the innovation brought about by this spatial audio technology is of great significance.

Since the launch of Apple's Space Audio, more than 40 million Apple Music users have experienced space audio, with billions of streams, topping the Apple Music Best Albums chart, Sixty percent of pop albums, 50 percent of Latin albums, 40 percent of country albums, and 36 percent of hip-hop albums also support spatial audio. From these data, the popularity of spatial audio is getting higher and higher, and also deeply loved by users.

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