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The latest bluetooth version 5.3 is coming


Bluetooth SIG has officially released version 5.3 of the latest Bluetooth core specification on July 13, 2021. Bluetooth 5.3 improves the periodic broadcast, connection update and channel classification in low power Bluetooth, which further improves the communication efficiency, reduces the power consumption and improves the wireless co-existence of Bluetooth devices. Bluetooth version 5.3 also further improves the security of the classic Bluetooth BR/EDR by introducing new features.

On August 20, 2021, Actions completed bluetooth 5.3 certification, becoming one of the first chip companies to complete the certification among Bluetooth master chip manufacturers. Actions certification includes Bluetooth low power Audio (LE Audio) technical specifications and relevant LC3 Audio encoding format, and supports two types of Bluetooth component and Bluetooth subsystem, providing flexible choice for downstream customers, so that customers can complete bluetooth authentication according to their own situation.

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