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Baidu active noise reduction smart headphones Pro released


Baidu Xiaodu is a Bluetooth audio brand based on Baidu DuerOS intelligent voice system. Its products mainly include smart speaker, smart wireless headset, learning tablet, smart home and so on.

Recently, Baidu Xiaodu released its latest generation of TWS headphones Xiaodu active noise reduction smart headset Pro, which has been greatly improved in function configuration. Upgrade Bluetooth 5.2, add active noise reduction/transparency mode, sanmai call noise reduction, also support call recording to text, etc.

In terms of function configuration, Small Degree active noise reduction smart earphone Pro adopts dual active noise reduction technology to detect the noise in the external environment and ear through dual microphones and achieve the maximum noise reduction depth of 40dB. It also supports the voice noise reduction functions in transparent mode and AI sammic to improve the noise reduction experience in different scenarios.

Audio, small active noise reduction smart headset Pro built-in 12mm large moving coil unit, using strong neodymium magnet material and wool paper basin composite diaphragm, improve the sound quality texture. Combined with AI big data tuning, the sound quality is balanced and gain adjusted to provide a more immersive audio experience.

Small active noise reduction smart headset Pro has also been improved in terms of battery life. In standard mode, the battery life of a single time is 7 hours, and the overall battery life of a charging case reaches 35 hours. In the active noise reduction mode, there is also a single battery life of 4.5 and an overall battery life of 22.5h, which can meet the use demand of a whole day. It also supports fast charging and can play 2 hours after 10 minutes.

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