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What improvements snapdragon sound can be made in terms of sound quality


In March 2021, Qualcomm launched Snapdragon Sound, a platform designed to deliver seamless and immersive audio experiences to and from smartphones, wireless earbuds, and earphones, through a combination of innovative audio technologies and software optimized for the explosive growth of the wireless audio market.

The performance of Snapdragon Sound on the TWS earphone end mainly includes two aspects: high resolution audio quality and clear voice quality.

In terms of audio, Snapdragon Sound supports qualcomm aptX adaptive audio technology, which can transmit music at up to 24-bit 96kHz sampling rate, achieving studio master-like Sound quality. Qualcomm's FastConnect mobile connectivity system and low power Bluetooth Audio SoC support this high quality audio playback experience in an end-to-end manner.

Snapdragon Sound's HD resolution audio quality coincides with the wired high-definition audio quality curve and is a significant improvement over standard Bluetooth audio quality.

For Voice calls, Snapdragon Sound delivers 32kHz ultra wideband Voice using Qualcomm'S aptX Voice technology, greatly improving the quality of Voice and providing richer, clearer and more accurate calls than standard Bluetooth.

Uwb voice provides protection against low - and medium-frequency ambient noise, with a 32kHz sampling rate and 16kHz frequency response that is twice as good as standard Bluetooth, allowing for higher quality voice calls.

As a TWS headset, sound quality and voice calls are the most widely used scenarios. With the development of technology, TWS headset users' requirements for products are constantly improving. Qualcomm Snapdragon Sound delivers high resolution audio quality and clear, transparent voice quality through innovative audio technology.

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