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Qualcomm Snapdragon Sound Audio technology


The continuous upgrading of dental technology promotes the rapid development of Bluetooth audio products. At present, both headset products, speaker products and such as K Song bao, intelligent audio eyes and some other intelligent audio devices all use Bluetooth for data transmission. Among them, TWS headphones are the most popular. They are loved by consumers with their small, portable and convenient use experience.

On the current market, TWS headphone brands show a situation of a hundred schools of thought contend. TWS headphone brands cover mobile phone brands, old audio brands and newly emerging TWS headphone brands, as well as many cross-border manufacturers. The wide range of brands and the uneven quality of products also lead to the difficulty of users to buy and the huge difference in experience.

In early 2021, Qualcomm launched its Snapdragon Sound audio technology platform, which combines qualcomm's most advanced hardware and software technologies to provide a unified channel for and between terminals such as smartphones, wireless earbuds and headsets. The result is a seamless wireless audio experience between products of the same brand or different brands.

Earphone and earplug technology mainly includes qualcomm's latest generation of three Bluetooth audio soCs, namely Qualcomm QCC515x series, Qualcomm QCC514x series and Qualcomm QCC3056. These three products all have high integration, low power consumption, and support Qualcomm adaptive active Noise Reduction (ANC) technology. Voice assistant support (including always on wake word activation), Qualcomm aptX Adaptive audio codec and more.

Qualcomm active noise reduction (ANC) technology is used in the current popular active noise reduction function, through the use of ultra-low delay of external environment sound transmission technology, to achieve a real natural perception of the surrounding environment. Currently, Qualcomm has also introduced adaptive active noise reduction technology, which adjusts in real time according to the fit state of the user's ear canal with the wearer, so as to achieve consistent sound quality and noise reduction.

The Snapdragon Sound platform is based on Qualcomm's technologies, from smartphones to headsets to software algorithms, to provide users with a seamless wireless audio experience. Looking at the overall consumer electronics market, few companies can achieve such comprehensive coverage.


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