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xiaomi's first high-end smart speaker has been released


On August 10, xiaomi's first autumn new product release conference of Mi MIX4 CUP comprehensive screen came as scheduled.

A total of six new products were unveiled at the event, including the much-anticipated mi MIX4 smartphone with an underscreen camera, the MI tablet 5, two TVS, the xiaomi Sound smart speaker and a digital dog.

The Xiaomi Sound smart speaker is inspired by a record player. The overall appearance is cylindrical and the body is made of transparent material.The top trackpad looks like a vinyl record on a record player, with A CD-textured finish that seems to float above the body and is surrounded by circular light bands.

In terms of acoustic configuration, The Xiaomi Sound smart speaker uses a 2.25-inch NdFEB dual magnetic circuit full frequency unit and two 54mm x 44mm suspended passive radiators, with a maximum shock Sound pressure of 90dB and a minimum submersible of 70Hz.With the top leading cone structure, achieve 360° omni-directional sound.

Sound quality is tuned by the HARMAN Golden Ears team;Innovative computing audio technology, support real-time dynamic tuning, dynamic calculation 330 times per second, to achieve the exclusive optimization of each song.The nightingale algorithm dynamically adjusts the performance of high and low frequency sound quality at all levels of volume, and also has full sound quality at low volume at night.

The Xiaomi Sound smart speaker supports two devices to combine stereo Sound for a better audio experience.It also allows up to eight devices to connect, allowing the same song to be heard everywhere in the house.With the latest home voice transmission function, it can broadcast audio to other devices through a speaker device or mobile phone or TV.

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