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AirPods Pro version updated


Apple detailed a number of new features for its iOS15 operating system at its WWDC2021 developer conference in June, including three new features for AirPods Pro,FaceTime Spatial Audio, Ambient Noise Reduction, and Conversation Boost are all available in the latest test version.

The first two features have been added in previous firmware tests. FaceTime Spatial Audio is a feature of AirPods Pro that simulates a face-to-face conversation with multiple people using the FaceTime video messaging software, allowing sounds to be delivered to the ears from different directions.Ambient Noise Reduction is a further enhancement of AirPods Pro's Noise Reduction capabilities.

Conversation Boost is now available in Beta 2 (4A362b) from Apple.Conversation Boost is a hearing aid that uses the AirPods Pro's computational audio technology and beamforming microphones to collect Conversation sounds, process the audio (to block out ambient noise and enhance the human voice), and transmit it to the user's ear to make the Conversation more clear.

The Conversation Boost function also supports ambient sound volume adjustment. The Conversation Boost function can adjust the ambient sound volume and brightness according to users' personal conditions and usage scenarios to achieve the best user experience.


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