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A new addition to the HomePod family may be coming


With the release of HomePod 15 Beta 3, Apple has added lossless audio playback to the HomePod and the HomePod Mini.From today's release, a user spotted a new HomePod icon,a new addition to the HomePod family may be coming.

Apple added lossless audio and spatial audio to Apple Music in June.

Apple Music uses the Apple Fidelity Compression Audio Codec (ALAC) to provide lossless audio and high-resolution lossless audio with a maximum sampling rate of 24 bit /48 kHz and 24 bit /192 kHz, respectively.Dolby Panoramic Sound is created by the creator through mixing the sound to create the auditory feeling of Musical Instruments around.

HomePod users who are not in a rush can wait for the official HomePod 15 update to turn on lossless audio. Here's how HomePod turns on lossless audio: Select the Home Settings button in the Home app, select a user profile, and select Apple Music in the Media TAB.

The Dolby Panoramic Sound feature can be found in the Apple Music option in iOS Settings.The Apple Music player interface can see whether the audio source supports lossless/Dolby Panorama sound, lossless audio or high-resolution lossless audio.

In the iOS 15 Beta3 push today, a blog saw a HomePod icon in the HomePod update interface, its shape is a little longer than HomePod, like a "drum", the version is the latest 15.0, I don't know whether it shows a Bug or Apple is testing a new product.

Do you think the HomePod family will make a comeback with lossless audio and Dolby Panorama sound?What do you expect from the new HomePod product?

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