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Sony Crystal Sound Tube LSPX-S3 released


  • In addition to the music enjoyment from the bluetooth speaker, a fashional designed speaker also has the function of decoration and artwork, Sony Jaya tube LSPX series products have such functions.

Recently, Sony overseas launched a new generation of crystal elegant sound tube LSPX-S3, with very strong integration "kerosene lamp" modelling and also with some upgraded functions.

From the above picture,on the left is JINGA sound tube LSPX-S2, on the right is the new JINGA sound tube LSPX-S3, the plexiglass tube and the base are directly connected, looks more integrated, but also lacks some "candlestick" visual effect.According to the official information, both weight is about 1.1kg and with the battery life of 8 hours.

Crystal elegant sound tube of the plexiglass tube is a high frequency loudspeaker, through three vibration microphone, can be issued in all directions sound;In addition, there is an intermediate frequency unit in the base, and the low frequency effect is achieved by the passive diaphragm and cavity design.

Jingya tube LSPX-S3 adopts a new intermediate frequency unit with a diameter of 46 mm, which is larger than LSPX-S2 35mm in size and smaller than LSPX-S1 50mm.

LSPX-S3 is connected through Bluetooth, supporting SBC, AAC and high resolution audio LDAC. LDAC code can transmit streaming 24bit/ 96kHz high resolution audio through Bluetooth, transmission speed up to 990kbps, and connect with mobile devices that support LDAC.It can play lossless audio from streaming media platforms.The previous generation product, the LSPX-S2, also supports this decoder.

Like the previous generation, Crystal tube LSPX-S3 may also be equipped with S-Master HX digital amplifier and support DSEE HX digital audio enhancement engine, but the bass enhancement button has been cancelled on the body, and part of the audio Settings may need to be completed through the "Music Center" App.

In addition to sound quality, Crystal's candlelit-like lighting effect is also a big selling point of the product.On the basis of candlelight mode, JINGA tube LSPX-S3 has added pulse mode, which can flicker with the music beat. The brightness of the light can be adjusted in 32 levels.

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