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Bone conduction headset market analysis


The progress of Bluetooth and related technologies has driven the wireless era of Bluetooth audio products, providing users with a more convenient use experience and gradually gaining market recognition.Bluetooth headsets, smart speakers and other audio products have ushered in a rapid growth stage.

As a very important category in the current Bluetooth headset market, bone conduction headset has an open wearing experience and a listening experience different from the traditional headset. At present, it mainly focuses on the sports headset market.However, the development of bone conduction earphones will not be the only one. Based on the advantages generated by its characteristics, it will be gradually applied to many fields in the future.

Bone conduction earphones use bone conduction vibrators to transmit sound directly to the auditory nerve, bypassing the eardrum.Bone conduction earphone can collect ambient sound through the participation of other devices, and then output it to the user through bone conduction, so as to help some people with damaged eardrum and aging eardrum to better receive external information and achieve the function of hearing aid.

As an important solution of current audio products, bone conduction earphone can not reach the status of traditional earphone on the application, but its open wearing experience and bone conduction mode of sound transmission can provide more comfortable and safe listening effect that traditional earphone can not achieve at present.This is why bone conduction headsets are able to maintain steady growth through today's traditional Bluetooth headset burst phase.

In terms of the market, many brands have joined the competition of bone conduction Bluetooth headset, and the price of the products ranges from 100 yuan to thousands yuan.However, unlike the music experience of TWS earphones, which only affects individuals, bone-conduction earphones will affect the surrounding people due to the reason of sound leakage and have higher technical requirements. Therefore, high-quality products will constantly expand their advantages, while poor ones will be eliminated quickly.

In terms of application, the bone conduction headset is mainly located in the field of sports at present, and there are relatively few others.However, with the continuous improvement of the bone-conduction headset in various technologies and functions, it will be gradually extended to more Bluetooth headset markets such as hearing aid and health, as well as applied to more electronic devices in the future, so as to improve the actual use experience of users.

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