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Beats Studio Buds wireless noise-cancelling earphone


BEATS Studio Buds is BEATS 'first real wireless earphone supporting ANC active noise reduction function, featuring comfortable wear, high quality sound quality and multi-scene noise reduction function.The new custom dual-component diaphragm drive unit supports Apple Music spatial audio and Dolby Panorama sound effects.It has the function of transparent mode and call noise reduction, and the earphone supports IPX4-level waterproof, the charging case adopts USB-C interface to charge more conveniently, and the battery life can be up to 8+16 hours.

Beats Studio Buds has colorful appearance and customized acoustic unit that AirPods series does not have. In addition to supporting functions such as pop-up pairing, voice wake up Siri and search on iOS devices, the headset also supports the connection specification of Fast Pair Bluetooth headset on Android system, with supporting APP.In the future, Apple Music will also offer lossless audio and Dolby panoramic sound on multiple platforms, so Beats Studio Buds is a product that can be integrated between iOS and Android systems.

The charging case of Beats Studio Buds is very smooth and has a large curve. The earphone is designed in the shape of a bean ear. The volume is small, and the unique earphone handle design is easy to pick up and wear.The whole body is of matte texture, with bright surface design only at the ear handle. It has multi-function "B" button, which supports single-click and double-click operation. Long press can switch the noise reduction mode and transparent mode, and solid button can reduce the wrong touch.

The charging case adopts USB Type-C interface, which is more convenient for non-Apple users to charge. There is a dust-proof and waterproof apron inside the interface.The components of the motherboard are covered with hard glue to protect the internal circuit, which is a routine operation of Apple and BEATS wireless headset products.The two motherboards in the charging box are connected by FPC and BTB connectors, and the battery is connected by wires and customized sockets, which is convenient for production and assembly.The structure of charging thimble with metal shrapnel is also relatively new;The soft-pack battery comes from AEC Guooptronics and has a capacity of 400mAh.

For the headphone part, the Beats Studio Buds ear-shaped + earhandle design is unique. In order to make reasonable use of space, the speaker unit, battery and main board in the front cavity are placed at an oblique Angle. In the earphone handle are antennas, buttons and microphones.The active noise reduction function of the headset adopts a hybrid noise reduction scheme. The noise reduction DSP is CS47L66 of Lingyun Logic, and the main Bluetooth control chip is MediaTek MT2821A, both of which are customized models.The button battery comes from micro-electric new energy, with a capacity of about 60mAh and a shielding layer.The overall product workmanship is neat, the material is better, the custom dual component diaphragm drive unit can bring excellent sound quality.

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