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Apple's AirPods Pro gets a new free service


Apple AirPods Pro is the first true wireless noise-canceling earphones launched by Apple at the end of 2019. With excellent noise-canceling performance and using experience, Apple AirPods Pro is well loved and recognized by consumers, and is still one of the best TWS earphones so far, and its sales continue to grow.

However, a number of users reported that their AirPods Pros crackled or made static noises while in using, especially in noisy environments, while exercising and talking on phones.Some users reported that the active noise reduction function could not be used, the bass effect was missing, and the background sound increased.

On Apple's official website, click on Technical Support, and you can find the service in the Apple Service Plan.Clicking to enter, you can see the detailed content of the sound problem,including one or more conditions that may occur to the affected equipment before October 2020, the production date of the affected equipment, and the process of service, etc.

The service is available for up to 2 years from the date of the first retail sale. If you experience problems with your AirPods Pro while using it, you can go to Apple or an Apple-authorized stores for testing. Once you've checked, you can replace either the wrong ear or the right ear, or both headphones, while the charging case remains intact.

In this case, Apple has confirmed after a review that some AirPods Pros may experience the sound issue.It followed up with an "AirPods Pro service for sound issues."

This time, Apple provides completely free replacement service for customers with problems, and will provide the same service when new headphones have problems again, which shows Apple's guarantee of its product quality and its responsible attitude for every Apple user.

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