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Airoha AB1565 Chip


AB1565 is a new generation of advanced bluetooth audio solution for Airoha. It is a single-chip bluetooth 5.2 dual-mode solution.The AB1565 supports active noise reduction, which is optimized for true wireless, stereo headphones and Bluetooth speakers to provide excellent audio experience.

AB1565AM has a built-in ARM M4 processor core, the highest operating frequency is 208MHz, the built-in DSP operating frequency can reach 416MHz, with USB, I2C, UART, SPI, PWM, AUXADC, I2S multiple interfaces, can connect a variety of peripherals.The chip has a highly integrated power management unit with integrated switching buck and voltage regulator circuits.Built-in lithium battery charger, and has overcurrent and overheating protection.The AB1565M and AB1565AM have built-in 8MB flash memory.The chip supports 24/192 audio, hardware active noise reduction, feedforward noise reduction and hybrid noise reduction.Support noise suppression and echo cancellation functions, built-in multi-band programmable EQ and dynamic range control.

AB1565AM support Google/AMA/Siri and other voice assistant, provide software development tools, provide smart phone APP development reference.The AB1565AM is packaged in 5.6*4.6mm TFBGA package.

In addition to TWS earphone, AB1565 can also be used in stereo headset, bluetooth speaker, bluetooth speaker, bluetooth transmitter and other applications, to provide high quality bluetooth audio for these applications.

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