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Honor Earbuds 2 SE true wireless noise cancelling EarBuds


Honor Earbuds 2 SE true wireless noise cancelling EarBuds adopts piano baking process on the whole body, taking a smooth and round body feeling, but also has a strong texture.With the earphone curve designed in accordance with ergonomics, it fits with the ear canal closely and is very stable when wearing, and there is no obvious squeezing feeling and swelling feeling of auricle when wearing for a long time.


In terms of the function configuration of earphones, many brands have been added to their thinking.The Honor Earbuds 2 SE has a balanced overall experience, with most of the features of current TWS headphones.Active noise reduction takes into account both noise reduction effect and wearing comfort, avoids discomfort caused by ear pressure noise reduction, and gives users the best use experience.Through mode, call noise reduction, anti wind noise provides more use scenarios.


10mm composite diaphragm moving coil unit, after precise adjustment, with active noise reduction function to provide a pure music experience.Independent sound cavity structure, also ensure the stability of the product;10 hours of single battery life, 32 hours of overall battery life, as well as fast charging function effectively reduce the user's battery life anxiety, fully meet the daily and short-term business trips.


Overall, Honor Earbuds 2 SE is a product with lots of functions, balanced performance and outstanding advantages in terms of battery life, in line with the current mainstream TWS EarBuds aesthetic design.

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