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Vivo TWS 2 true wireless noise-cancelling earphones


The Vivo TWS 2 wireless noise-cancelling earphone is launched recently,it is an excellent choice for its excellent noise reduction ability, sound quality performance and long battery life.

Vivo TWS 2 is equipped with Qualcomm QCC3046 Bluetooth Audio SoC, providing high-quality sound quality, robust connectivity and ultra-low power consumption with a number of cutting-edge audio technologies, bringing comprehensive improvement to the true wireless audio experience from the aspects that users care most about.

First of all, from the level of noise reduction, Qualcomm Adaptive Active Noise Denoising (ANC) technology helps Vivo TWS 2 achieve a depth of noise reduction of up to 40dB. At the same time, it also supports dynamic intelligent noise reduction according to the use scene, and automatically ADAPTS to the best noise reduction effect.

For example, when taking an airplane, the low frequency noise is very heavy. Vivo TWS 2 can focus on filtering out the noise of the airplane. When the user is in a quiet environment, the noise reduction intensity will be automatically lowered to ensure an excellent noise reduction experience at all times.In addition, Vivo TWS 2 also offers manual mode options including heavy, regular and light noise reduction modes.When you want to hear the sound of the outside world, you just need to press the button to open the transparent mode, and the sound around you can naturally enter your ears.

Vivo has abundant experience in the field of acoustics, and its true wireless earphones are also very sophisticated in sound quality.Vivo TWS 2 supports GAPTX Adaptive technology and Qualcomm high-speed transmission technology. At the same time, Vivo TWS 2 also adopts a 12.2mm large moving coil unit and a series of optimizations derived from Vivo's years of acoustic experience. Nearly 20 rounds of sound quality tuning are used to elaborately create top sound quality for users.

For wireless products,the battery life is always one of the features the most user focus on.When the noise reduction mode is turned off, the maximum single battery life of Vivo TWS 2 can reach 8 hours, and when the noise reduction mode is turned on, the maximum single battery life of the headset can reach 4.5 hours.With the charging box, the maximum battery life can reach 30 hours, which can meet the demand of listening all day long.

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