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Nokia has launched a new True Wireless Bluetooth Earphone


Nokia unveiled a new phone the Nokia C20 Plus, which is aimed at older people and students.In addition to the new handset, Nokia also introduced two accessories, including the Nokia BH-205 wireless headset and the Nokia SP-101 portable wireless speaker.

Nokia BH-205 true wireless Bluetooth headset uses a minimalist Nordic style, and the C20 Plus new phone style is very uniform, and the overall overall appearance is round and natural, the blue model is very pure and delicate.

In addition to the outstanding appearance design, the use experience of the earphone is also excellent, with a very fitting in-ear design. The battery life of the earphone can be up to 6 hours in a single use. At the same time, the maximum use time of the earphone can be 36 hours in combination with the charging case, providing lasting protection for the enjoyment of good music.

The Nokia BH-205 headset uses a Bluetooth 5.0 binaural transmission solution, which provides a low latency experience while keeping low power consumption. The headphone case can also realize touch operation.

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