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Sonos cooperates with IKEA to launch Symfonisk wall-mounted speakers


Sonos and Ikea have revealed their latest Symfonisk speakers, and the companies have confirmed some key details today.This photo frame speaker is the most obvious wall-mounted speaker we've seen from Sonos or Ikea to date, and aims to blur the distinction between artwork and music hardware.

The Symfonisk speakers support all the usual features of Sonos applications, including access to Sonos Radio and Apple Airplay 2, and can be grouped in a Sonos/IKEA hybrid room.The Symfonisk Picture Frame comes in a black and a white version and also has rubber feet on the bottom so the speaker can stand up.A 3.5-meter-long power cord (over 11 feet) can be guided into a slot in the back, where a large cavity can roll up the backup cable.

These speakers can be integrated with Sonos' own line of products, potentially making it more cost-effective to add streaming music support in a room that is less commonly used, or rear surround speakers on a Sonos bar speaker.The Symfonisk Picture Frame has a tweeter speaker and a woofer behind its artwork, and the tweeter has a waveguide on top of it to get a wider sound field.The whole thing is 60mm (2.36in) from the wall and has a magnetic hook that makes it easier to install.

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