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Qualcomm APTX ™Voice Technology


Have you ever experienced a problem like this: when making or receiving a voice call using an audio accessory that supports Bluetooth hands-free functionality, the voice quality may suddenly drop and the experience may deteriorate?Today, with Qualcomm APTX ™Voice technology, Snapdragon Sound can support Bluetooth end-to-end UWB Voice, delivering wirelessly comparable call quality.Currently, ISPs/operators are using UWB voice codecs to improve the quality of calls on mobile networks, which means that many consumers are already able to enjoy high-quality voice calls on mobile terminals.

APTX Voice is designed to provide speech with a smooth frequency response of up to 16kHz through audio at 32kHz sampling frequency, bringing HD Voice to Bluetooth headsets or earbuds.

With more and more gamers using real wireless headphones in their games, a great low-latency audio experience is critical to the mobile gaming experience.Because the game needs fast responsive audio, keeping the sound and painting synchronized makes the game experience more immersive.The Snapdragon Sound is optimized for video and audio sync, providing a latency of as low as 82 milliseconds for stereo headphones and 89 milliseconds for earbuds to create an immersive gaming experience.

In addition to the  above described usage scenarios, Snapdragon Sound technology delivers optimized stable connections and a seamless user experience.

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