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Cleer Flow noise-cancelling Bluetooth headset


The popularity of noise-cancelling headphones not only drives brands to launch their TWS noise-cancelling headphones one after another, but also starts to carry active noise-cancelling functions on headsets.In addition, due to the size advantage of the headset, it can carry more firmware configuration and the wrapped wearing mode, which can provide a more comfortable wearing experience of noise reduction.

CLEER FLOW is a product of the headset noise-cancelling Bluetooth headset acoustic brand CLEE. In terms of appearance design, it adheres to its own unique design style. In terms of configuration, it adopts hybrid noise reduction technology and supports active noise reduction function and environmental mode.Built-in 40mm high sensitivity iron-free speaker unit with Hi-Res high fidelity audio certification.

Cleer Flow headset wearing noise-cancelling Bluetooth headset has its own features in appearance design. The head beam and earshell still adopt the family type annular connection structure.It is also equipped with a replaceable metal decorative ring, which is highly recognizable with the LOGO of CLEER brand.

The inner side earmuffs of the earphones are made of breathable protein skin, which feels delicate and skin-friendly and cool.Internal inert memory sponge filled, soft and comfortable to wear, no obvious sense of mirror leg chucks when wearing glasses;The inside of the head pad is filled with the same soft material, which effectively disperses the pressure on the head, reduces the sense of load, and makes wearing more comfortable.

In terms of call function, the Cleer Flow noise-canceling Bluetooth headset has a microphone anti-noise design. Through the built-in anti-noise microphone and corresponding anti-noise software, combined with the design of windproof noise cavity, the reverberation noise generated during the call is effectively inhibited to provide a clear call effect.

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