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Apple's first smart speaker HomePod has been discontinued


Apple's HomePod smart speaker purchase screen has been marked as "limited until sold out," indicating that the company's first smart speaker, which will go on sale in 2018, has officially begun to stop production.However, according to foreign media to verify the news, Apple will continue to provide software support for this product, have purchased the use of small partners need not worry too much.

Apple's HomePod smart speaker made its debut at Apple's developer conference in 2017 and went on sale in 2018.The appearance is covered with fully wrapped woven mesh cloth, with black and white two classic color matching, the overall design style is very simple.

In October 2020, the HomePod Mini, an iteration of Apple's smart speaker, was released, continuing the HomePod design with a seamless mesh wrap and top backlit trackpad design.But the circular shape is adopted, and the volume becomes very small, the overall height is less than 9 centimeters.

It is equipped with Apple S5 processor and built-in UWB chip, which can accurately locate the latest Apple models and other smart home devices. Based on a powerful ecosystem, it can realize seamless connection between multiple devices.Functionally, it supports the operation of 360-degree audio, intelligent assistant, home control, combined stereo, etc., and has added the broadcast function.

Apple's HomePod Mini smart speaker takes a new approach to its internal structure and configuration due to its size.But it is still the same as Apple, with exquisite craftsmanship, interlocking components, making full use of the interior space, and careful attention to detail.The only drawback is that there is no built-in battery, the lack of a certain convenience.

The production stop of Apple HomePod smart speaker can be seen that although the price is reduced, it is still unable to have a strong competitiveness in the rapid development of smart speakers and increasingly rich use experience, and it is also making way for its own product, which is Apple HomePod Mini smart speaker.

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