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Bose Sport Earbuds adopts Qualcomm QCC5127 main control chip

  • As bluetooth wireless technology really popular, more and more brands adopt qualcomm's bluetooth SOC platform.Today, let us talk about the Bose Sport Earbuds.The Bose true qualcomm wireless headset adopted the latest generation of low-power stereo bluetooth, SOC QCC5127 support qualcomm aptX, aptX HD and aptX adaptive technology, support digital noise reduction and wireless applications.

    Bose Sport Earbuds is small and light in size. It supports Bose dynamic sound quality balancing technology, which automatically enhances the bass and treble effects. The EARBUDS have built-in touch and accelerometer, and support operation modes of double click, long press and touch.At the same time, the built-in Tencent small micro voice assistant can be customized by Bose APP.

    Bose Sport Earbuds weighs only 6.75g and lasts for about 5 hours a single time, up to 15 hours with the charging case. The Earbuds can be charged for 15 minutes and listened to music for 2 hours.

    Qualcomm QCC5127 support bluetooth 5.0, bluetooth BLE, built-in powerful quad-core processors, dual-core 32-bit application subsystem, audio DSP dual-core qualcomm Kalimba audio system, embedded ROM and RAM, built-in support external SPI Flash, could be used for audio buffer, external PSRAM built-in double track 98 dba class D digital amplifier, support 192 KHZ 24 bit SPDIF and I2S interface, support to complete the programming of digital active noise reduction, design support digital assistant, new development environment and flexible software platform.Built-in lithium battery charger can output up to 200mA, external expansion tube can achieve 1.8A charging.

    At the same time, we can see that as a global audio brand, BOSE has adopted a large number of Qualcomm audio chips in the choice of main control chips, such as CSRA68105 Qualcomm chip, CSR8670 Qualcomm chip, CSR8675 Qualcomm chip, and QCC5127 Qualcomm chip.

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