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Acer has released three true wireless headphones


Acer has released three models of TWS wireless earphone for the Indian market. One of them named after its PC brand Gateway, is the most expensive and has the highest specs. The other two come with a charging cable module that makes it easy to charge when you're out, and you can remove it if you don't need it.

The three Acer products are Gateway true wireless earphones (GAHR012), GAHR011 True Wireless Earphones and GAHR010 true wireless earphones.The first model is the most expensive, about 49 USD, while the latter two are the same, about 34 USD.

The Gateway true wireless earphones are designed to look like the AirPods Pro, with four battery indicator lights added to the charging case;The earphone uses Bluetooth 5.0 chip and 9mm moving coil unit, with a single battery life of about 4 hours. The charging case can provide an additional 24 hours of battery life.The earphone supports touch function and is IPX4 waterproof.

GAHR011 true wireless earphone and GAHR010 true wireless earphone are similar in configuration. They both use Bluetooth 5.1 chip, built-in 8mm moving coil unit, support touch control, and have a battery life of 4+24 hours.

The charging dock of the GAHR011 true wireless earphone has two charging cables, one with a blind plug USB A port and the other with a USB Type-C port.This module uses four indicator lights to show the charging box power.

The charging cartridge of the GAHR010 true wireless earphone has a digital power display, but its charging base only has a USB A-port charging cable that can be plugged in blind, not a USB Type-C port.

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