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JLab launched external hanging true wireless audio module


The JLab launched a Jbuds Frames product during CES2021. It has built-in speaker unit and Bluetooth chip, similar to the modular design of TWS, and can be used on the leg of glasses lens to instantly transform into smart audio glasses.It will cost just $50 and would be on sale this spring.

The Jbuds Frames are designed with clips and can be used for any eyewear product.Product built-in 16mm speaker unit, using directional sound technology to ensure that only the wearer can hear the sound, to avoid privacy leakage;The earphone supports the use of one or both ears, and is controlled by physical keys. The waterproof rating is IPX4, and the battery life can be up to 8 hours after a single use.

Jbuds Frames are charged using a magnetic suction port, and JLab has also designed a one-to-two charging cord for them.It also comes with a replaceable clip to accommodate different eyewear shapes.

Compared to more expensive smart audio glasses with circuits integrated into the lens leg, Jbuds Frames, an add-on solution, achieves the same effect at an affordable price, and allows users to change glasses as they like, but at a discount to aesthetics.The design idea is similar to the sunglasses clip. It is suitable for friends who are used to wearing glasses.



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