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HP will launch HP Elite true wireless earphones in April


Before CES 2021, HP is launching an HP Elite True Wireless earphone that supports active (ANC)/passive noise reduction (PNC) and Bluetooth 5.0.In addition, the HP Elite True Wireless Earphones support device switching easily and a USB Type-C charging port, that could provide  PC and smartphone users with an alternative to wired/headset wireless earphones.

For business/professional users, wireless accessories like the HP Elite can also be easily used during long presentations.

As for specifications, the HP Elite True Wireless Earphone equips with 9.2mm neodymium drive unit that supports an frequency response range from 20Hz to 18kHz and a sensitivity of 103 dB at 1000Hz SPL.The portable charging base is sleek and can add 1.5 hours of battery life in 15 minutes (it takes 2 hours to fully charge).

The HP Elite True Wireless Earphones also use premium foam and silicone earplugs for a great passive noise reduction (PNC) experience.In addition to passive noise reduction, the HP Elite also supports active noise reduction (PNC) solutions, and the "omnidirectional" microphone has sensitivity of 94dB SPL.

On the control side, users can control access and volume with touch, and can "seamlessly" switch in multiple devices.