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DJL launched its new full scene action camera


On October 27,2021,DJL launched its new full scene action camera,the DJI Action 2,along with a new wireless micophone called the DJI MIC,which is just an accessory for the camera world.DJI has not made much of a fuss about the DJI MIC,but it is making waves in the microphone space.

DJI MIC is a dual-channel wireless microphone that can achieve a wireless sound range of up to 250 meters.It is compatible with mobile phones,cameras,motion cameras and other devices,and the receiver is equipped with OLED touch screen.The transmitter comes with 8GB of storage,can record audio separatelly,and has a professional-grade battery life of up to 15 hours.

In the way of installation,in addition to the traditional collar clip can be fixed,but also the use of magnets to fix,not only can let the microphone placed firmly,the lens look more beautiful.


In addition,it is worth mentioning DJI Mic storage box,DJL Mic uses magnetic rechargeable box as strong box,not only can protect the device,but also convenient charging.Open to receive a box,can see the receiver of the real-time display screen equipment capacity,the receiver can be set through receiver OLED touch screen,can also be formatted transmitter internal storage space.When open the transmitter,a receiver receives vibrations to remind,and avoid the mistake of forgetting to turn on the receiver.

In terms of sound quality,the TRANSMITTER body of DJL Mic has a recoriding function,which can record audio at a sampling rate of 48kHZ and a depth of 24 bit.It can be used as a lapel recorder.In terms of signal connection stability,the signal transmission distance of DJI Mic can be up to 200m,with high transmitting power and receiving sensitivity.It is reported that the transmitting power of DJL Mic can reach 100mW,which is higher than the market average.

At present,two micro wireless microphone us more popular in the microphone market.This kind of micorphone is very convenient to use,and the product quality can also reach the professional level,DJI has officially entered the professional microphone market with the lauch of its first professional microphone.

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