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Apple Music is on PS5


According to Playstation,Apple Music has officially arrived on PS5.The PS5 is the first console to support Apple Music,which is the second Apple App to be released on the PS5 after Apple TV.


According to Playstation,PS5 users can get a free 6 monthes Apple TV plus memership,which will coast $4.99 amonth when it expires.Apple music not only supports the chinese version of PS5,but also supports the Hongkong version of PS5.


With the PS5’ seamless integration with Apple music,users can play background music even while playing a game.Under the new system,users will only need to use the PS key to access the control center during the game and listen to and watch the 90 million music video in Apple music.


In addition,when switching to a game during audio playback,the audio does not break.Players can choose their favorite music library as the backgroud of the game,and Apple music will intelligently provide music recommendations that match the game in progress.

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