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Qualcomm launched aptX™ Lossless audio technology


Continuing to demonstrate vision and leadership in wireless audio, Qualcomm Technologies introduced Qualcomm aptX™ Lossless audio technology and introduced it into the company's broad audio portfolio recently. AptX Lossless is a new feature of the widely recognized aptX Adaptive technology, as well as Snapdragon Sound™ Snapdragon Listening technology, designed to deliver CD-quality 16-bit 44.1khz Lossless audio via Bluetooth wireless connectivity. 

Qualcomm technology company has launched the system level audio solutions, and optimized the including aptX Adaptive, wireless connections, the key technologies of audio, when users under the condition of proper rf listening nondestructive music, these techniques can be to work together to achieve automatic detection and quality improvement, resulting in CD quality lossless audio experience.

AptX Adaptive works with Qualcomm Bluetooth High Speed Link technology to achieve the required sustainable data throughput, enabling reliable CD-quality lossless audio transmission through Bluetooth wireless connection technology.

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