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Apple Music supports Dolby panoramic sound and lossless audio


Apple Music has added Dolby Panorama Sound Space Audio, which offers songs with lossless audio in different resolutions at no separate charge and is available to users across different terminals.

Apple Music is a streaming platform that also works on Android, Windows and the web, allowing fans to choose between their favorite devices.

Another major update to Apple Music is Dolby's Panorama Sound Space Audio feature, which Apple has also explained.Apple also announced that Dolby Panorama will be compatible with other brands of headphones. AirPods and Beats headphones will be enabled by default when listening to Music, as well as iPhones, iPads, MacBook Pros and HomePod devices.

According to the official description, Dolby Panorama Sound Spaces audio in Apple Music is different from the Spaces audio supported by Apple's video content, because the former creates the sensation of Musical Instruments being surrounded, while the latter's sound is delivered from the phone in a fixed way.

Many of those attracted to Apple Music, which has grown to be the second-largest streaming platform internationally after Spotify, are drawn to its relatively large catalog of songs, as well as its relatively low subscription price and lack of advertising.

Especially after the update of Dolby's panoramic sound space audio function and lossless audio function, the price of Apple Music subscription has not increased, and the advantages of being able to log in multiple terminal devices with one account and download without advanced charge and having a lower price for family members will be relatively obvious.Apple's move could boost the market for portable decoder headphones, spreading knowledge of high-fidelity audio quality to a wider audience.

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