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Apple Music is going to be upgraded to HiFi


Two lossless streaming audio codes have been found in the Apple Music code for Android phones, following the discovery of HiFi support in the iOS 14.6 beta.HiFi support for Apple Music is almost a foregone conclusion.

Apple also released a promotional video on the Apple Music US front page, hinting that a major update to the Music experience is coming.

According to the leaked code, Apple Music will offer Lossless and high-res Lossless codec in the future, with Lossless sampling at 24 bit/48 kHz.The sampling rate of high-res Lossless was 24 bit/192 kHz.Apple also designed a separate Logo for the codec.

The code also indicates that a 3-minute song with the highest quality lossless encoding will consume up to 36 MB of data.

In addition, the code mentions the words "Dolby Atmos" and "Dolby Audio", which will be used to make songs in Apple Music in the future. This means that the Audio experience will have the spatial Audio capabilities of AirPods Pro and Max.

It is widely believed that the delay may be related to the upcoming Apple Music update, which is expected to be the first time that Apple's new wireless AirPods 3 headphones will be released in the near future.But now that both the web and Android clients support it, Apple may be able to make it available to more devices that support hi-fi sound quality through a separate subscription.

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