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Bose launched SoundControl hearing AIDS


Bose has announced the launch of SoundControl, the first FDA-approved hearing aid that can be sold directly to consumers for the treatment of adults with mild to moderate hearing loss.

With the recent acquisition of Sennheiser's consumer audio business by Sonova, a leading hearing aid company, the traditional hearing aid market will have a new set of strong competitors.

Bose has designed the Bose Hear APP for the SoundControl hearing aid. The two are connected via Bluetooth with low power consumption. Functions such as volume balance, volume adjustment, directional/omnidirectional microphone strategy, listening program switch or customization can be carried out in the APP.Bose says it can provide clinically proven and expert-quality feedback.

In addition, the Bose SoundControl hearing aid adjusts itself in real time for the environment during use, without the help of a healthcare professional.

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