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Apple's AirTag wireless tracker


Apple unveiled its much-anticipated Airtag Bluetooth tracker at its late spring event, many customers were surprised to find the product's box printed with the words "2020" or "2019" on it. The product was finalized two years ago or more, but hasn't yet been released in mass production.

Apple's AirTag wireless tracker, which looks like a Go game and is larger than a $1 coin in diameter. It pairs like AirPods and has a popover that's fast.If you have the Airtag in your bag,it is not easy to find,and if you want to attach it to your keys or anything else,you will need to buy a separate lanyard.

In terms of functionality,Airtag combines Bluetooth and UWB precise positioning technologies.It can not only use the built-in Bluetooth low-power chip to send a signal,which can be detected by Apple devices in the nearby”find”netwrork,but also send its coordinate information to iCloud for users to locate the approximate location.Apple’s built-in U1 UWB chip also gives the Airtag the ability to find objects accurately,indicating the direction of the AirTag in a certain area and showing it to meters, although you need an iPhone with the same U1 chip to use this feature.

In terms of battery life, the Airtag has a built-in 2032 button battery that can be replaced by the user. It can play the sound four times a day and perform a precise search once for more than a year, and the phone will be informed when the battery is low. AirTag does not support AR search, in the effective range can be awakened by Siri search, attached to Apple's hardware and software ecology its experience is good, after all, the market is not much known by the public competing products, many manufacturers are also waiting and seeing the state.
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