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Philips TAT3235 True Wireless Bluetooth Earphone


Philips has launched a wide range of home speakers, headsets and wireless speakers for the audio market.Philips currently has more than a dozen true wireless earphone products, with different appearance designs and functions to meet the needs of different consumers.


Today we are going to talk about the Philips TAT3235 true wireless Bluetooth earphone. Philips TAT3235 TWS earphone and charging case are coated with a bright surface, which is smooth and texture.The headset adopts the handle type half-in-ear design, the sound mouth is protruding, deeper into the ear canal, in order to improve the stability of wearing, the overall appearance design of the product is simple and fashionable;There are more waterproof measures inside the earphone to ensure that the sports wear will not be eroded by sweat.

In terms of internal circuit, the charging box input power through USB Type-C interface, micro-source semiconductor LP7801D built-in OVP, input voltage 28V, eliminating the input overvoltage protection element, integrated linear charging management module, low power consumption synchronous voltage boost discharge management module, responsible for the battery charge and discharge;The soft pack battery used in the charging box comes from small lithium new energy, with a capacity of 460mAh;A non-standard MCU is used for charge and discharge module management, battery power management, headphone communication and other charging box control functions;There are Hall components to realize the headset open the cover and connect the function.


For the headset part, the main control chip of Philips TAT3235 is Qualcomm QCC3046, which supports Bluetooth 5.2 and Qualcomm APTX ™ Adaptive codec, with good connection stability and power consumption performance.The headset adopts capacitive touch control and in-ear detection scheme, with corresponding touch detection IC and wearing detection IC;The earphone adopts dual microphones to pick up sound, which is used for noise reduction function to improve the clarity of voice.The headset uses a soft clasp battery with a capacity of about 40mAh.

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