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Apple HomePod mini smart speaker's configuration exposed


Apple's HomePod Mini smart speaker has a hidden sensor unit that measures temperature and humidity, according to a new report.This is not yet available for HomePod Mini functionality, but it's likely that Apple will update the HomePod Mini to use the sensor to intelligently monitor indoor temperature and humidity, and then control and regulate the temperature and humidity in the home via an internet-connected thermostat.

Apple's HomePod Mini smart speaker takes a new approach to its internal structure and configuration due to its size.But it is still the same as Apple, with exquisite craftsmanship, interlocking components, making full use of the interior space, and careful attention to detail.The only drawback is that there is no built-in battery, the lack of a certain convenience.

I have a lot of doubts about the components at the end of the FPC cable of Apple HomePod Mini independent microphone unit. After many inquiries, I haven't found the exact answer.

According to foreign media today, the sensor is TI Texas Instruments HDC2010 humidity and temperature digital sensor, used to detect the external environment.

But judging by what Apple's HomePod Mini does, the sensor isn't working yet.In the future, Apple is most likely to upgrade HomePod Mini through OTA to use the sensor unit, providing it with the function of monitoring indoor temperature and humidity, and then controlling the thermostat to adjust accordingly.

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