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Lenovo ThinkBook Pods Pro is on sale


During the ThinkBook launch at last year, Lenovo introduced a ThinkBook Pods Pro wireless Bluetooth headset, but it didn't go into detail at the time. Today, the ThinkBook Pods Pro is officially on sale. Its main feature is an audio receiver that can connect directly to a PC.

ThinkBook Pods Pro True Wireless Bluetooth Headphones come with A USB-A audio receiver with an indicator light that plugs in the PC without setting it up.Lenovo has also developed its own software, Lenovo Bud 'dy, on the PC side, which can be used to check the remaining battery of the earphone, whether to connect back to the default device and other Settings.

In addition, Lenovo has also optimized the use scenarios of Skype for Business and Teams meeting software. When the headset is connected, it can answer and mute by double-clicking, which may be more convenient for business people.

Lenovo ThinkBook Pods Pro wireless Bluetooth headset charging case shape is relatively square, the surface is a silver metal texture coating, horizontal reverse pull open;At 3.57g, the headset is very light and has a mouthpiece deep into the ear canal. It comes with soft flat silicone earplugs.The simplicity of the design, which officials say was inspired by "woodpeckers", is the only color scheme that pays tribute to the classic ThinkBook design.

Lenovo ThinkBook Pods Pro True Wireless Bluetooth Headset uses dual microphones for call noise reduction, which is officially billed as using Qualcomm's high-performance chip;In terms of battery life, the official propaganda of the earphone is that the talk time is more than 2 hours, and the standby time is about 20 hours. There is no statement about the music life. However, this earphone supports the super fast charging function, which can listen for 40 minutes after 5 minutes of charging, and can be fully charged in 30 minutes, which makes up for the lack of battery life.

Of course, Lenovo ThinkBook Pods Pro true wireless Bluetooth headset can also be used without the PC. The headset can remember multiple paired devices, preferring to connect to the PC. If the PC is closed or out of range of connection, the headset will automatically connect to the phone, or the PC software can also set the default connection device.

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