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Redmi Airdots 3 TWS earbud launched


On February 25, Redmi held a press conference to announce the new K40 series of mobile phones, laptops and TVs. Redmi's new wireless headset Redmi Airdots 3 also made a surprise appearance.

Redmi Airdots 3 is equipped with a new generation of Qualcomm QCC3040 Bluetooth audio SoC, which supports Bluetooth V5.2, built-in moving coil + moving iron dual unit, which can be said to be the largest upgrade of Redmi Airdots series of true wireless headphones.

Redmi Airdots 3 continues the appearance of its predecessor. The earphones are bean-in-ear and compact in size. A new round of polished arc is added to the outer ring of the earphones to increase recognition.Charging case for clamshell design, plastic body frosted feel.The previous Redmi Airdots 2, Redmi Airdots S and the original Redmi Airdots were all similar designs.

Although the appearance is similar, the Redmi Airdots 3 has been greatly upgraded in terms of internal structure and materials. First of all, the headset is equipped with two high-resolution sound units of high-frequency moving iron and low-frequency moving coil, which give full play to the respective advantages of the two speaker units, with both bass sound field and high-pitch details.

Second, Redmi Airdots 3 adopts Qualcomm's new generation of Bluetooth audio SoC QCC3040, which supports Qualcomm's second generation APTX Adaptive codec. It can automatically switch between APTX HD high sound quality (24bit/ 48kHz) and APTX Low Latency (16bit/ 44.1kHz) according to the user's use of the headset, taking into care of user experience and battery life.And this chip has also passed the Bluetooth V5.2 certification, and with the support of Bluetooth V5.2 carrying Qualcomm flagship chip mobile phone connection, in connection stability and power consumption and other aspects will have a better performance.

Third, Redmi Airdots 3 is a major upgrade in the interaction function. Redmi Airdots 3 has changed the previous button control to light touch control, which makes the body feel more integrated.In addition, infrared optical sensor is also added to the earphone for ear detection function, which can realize the interaction of taking off pause, putting on and resuming playback.
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