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TWS Bluetooth Headset Functional Requirements


TWS Bluetooth Earphone

We start with the product description and characteristics. At present, almost every manufacturer meets the following requirements and functions.
1. Applicable to three application scenarios of sports, music, and calling, without the limitation of TWS Bluetooth Earphone cable, enjoy freedom;
2. The TWS Bluetooth Earphone is designed to be compact and lightweight, and can be completely free to move during running, cycling or walking;
3. TWS bluetooth earphone design is ergonomic, safe to fit both ears, comfortable to wear;
4.TWS Bluetooth Earphone supports in-ear detection function, after detecting in-ear, active noise reduction;
5. Double mic call noise reduction technology, effectively suppress environmental noise, enhance the sound, let the other party hear your voice clearly.
6. Bluetooth receiving distance of more than 10 meters, easy to use;
7. TWS Bluetooth Earphone waterproof and sweat-proof grade reaches IPX4, with waterproof and sweat-proof performance, suitable for different sports environments. (Different manufacturers have different waterproof grades)
8. The charging box supports TYPE-C/wireless charging, which is more convenient to use;
9. The TWS Bluetooth Earphone is placed in the charging box. After the charging box is opened, the TWS Bluetooth Earphone is automatically paired and connected to perform the master-slave switch;
10. The integrated design of the charging and charging storage of the charging box, simple collection, easy to carry, built-in charging contacts, you can charge by placing the TWS Bluetooth headset, and the TWS Bluetooth Earphone is automatically turned on when it is removed from the charging box.
The above are some functional requirements of the TWS Bluetooth headset.

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