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Which wireless earphones are recommended for exercise

1. Choose earphones according to the purpose
Earphones should be given priority when playing games indoors, and earphones should be given priority when used in outdoor sports.
2. The impedance of the headset
The impedance of the earphone is the sum of the DC resistance of the coil and the inductive reactance of the coil: Z=(R2+ω2L2)1/2. The impedance of ordinary earphones and professional earphones is generally below 100Ω, and the impedance of some professional earphones will be above 200Ω.
3. See individual needs
Mobile phones, MP3 and other small driving sound sources are suitable for earplugs and portable earphones;
Computers and desktop CDs are high-thrust sound sources, which are more suitable for full-cover earphones and high-impedance products.

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