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The Advantages Of Bluetooth Version 5.4


Bluetooth version 5.4 has the following advantages over previous versions: 

1.Higher data transfer rate:Bluetooth 5.4 can achieve a data transfer rate of 2 Mbps, which is 2 times higher than the previous version, and can transfer large amounts of data faster. 

2.Lower power consumption: Bluetooth 5.4 adopts low power consumption technology, which can reduce the energy consumption of the device, prolong the battery life, and make the device more energy-efficient. 

3.Longer transmission distance: The signal coverage of Bluetooth 5.4 is wider, and the transmission distance can reach a longer range, reducing the possibility of signal loss. 

4.More stable connection: Bluetooth 5.4 introduces a new connection management mechanism, which can effectively reduce interference and connection interruption, and improve connection stability. 

5.Better device interoperability: Bluetooth 5.4 supports backward compatibility, better compatibility with previous versions of Bluetooth devices, and enables more stable and efficient communication with devices of different versions. 

6.More application fields: The high-speed transmission and low power consumption characteristics of Bluetooth 5.4 make it more widely used in various scenarios, including audio transmission, data transmission, Internet of Things device connection, etc.