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Hybrid ANC&ENC function


The hybrid ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) and ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) function is an advanced noise reduction technology used to reduce the interference of external noise on the audio experience. Traditional ANC technology captures external noise through a microphone and cancels or attenuates it through an inverse phase audio signal. However, for certain noises, such as people talking or traffic noise, conventional ANC technology cannot always completely eliminate them. 

To further improve noise cancellation, hybrid ANC and ENC technology combines multiple microphones and sound sensors. These sensors are able to detect and analyze the frequency and direction of external noises, and then generate corresponding audio signals to cancel or attenuate these noises. Hybrid ANC and ENC technology can achieve a higher level of noise reduction, enabling users to enjoy a clearer audio experience, especially in noisy environments. This technology is commonly used in headphones, earpieces and audio equipment to provide better audio quality.

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